Hotel breakfast terrace Paris City Center

Hôtel Petit-Déjeuner en terrasse à Paris 6 : Welcome Hôtel

What a great idea the request “Hotel breakfast terrace Paris city center”! Indeed, starting the day with a delicious breakfast on the terrace and watching Paris wake up is certainly the most pleasant thing! Finding a hotel with a terrace in the center of the city is not easy, but the Welcome Hotel offers three small tables located on the charming rue de Seine, for a perfect immersion into Parisian life. You will love it!

Hotel breakfast terrace Paris City Center : Welcome Hotel
Hotel breakfast terrace Paris City Center : Welcome Hotel

Hotel Breakfast terrace in Paris City Center

Saint-Germain-des-Prés is one of the liveliest districts of the City and of the 6th arrondissement of Paris. In the early morning, the bakeries open their doors, revealing a good smell of hot bread, the delivery people liven up the alleys and the first passers-by flock to the cobblestones. Paris at daybreak is a little wonder. The shy sun inspires a calm and caring atmosphere. If there is rain, then it is the Parisian atmosphere that arises. We see Doisneau and his photos again, and we immediately tell ourselves that rain belongs to Paris. The puddles reflect the beauty of the monuments, and the umbrellas collide. In fine weather, the terraces of Parisian cafes are crowded, and the life emanating from them is madly entertaining.

Hotel Breakfast terrace in Paris City Center : Welcome Hotel

At Welcome Hotel, the small, typically Parisian terrace sits on rue de Seine. When the weather allows it, we offer our customers to have breakfast on the terrace, surrounded by flower boxes. A continental breakfast with bread and croissants delivered each morning by the amazing Mulot bakery, also rue de Seine. Besides, during the day, think about going to taste one of their incredible pastries! Happiness in the mouth! Hot drink, orange juice, baguette, croissant, yogurt, compote, fresh cheese. Simple continental breakfast but good! And all while admiring Paris the sleeping beauty who slowly resurfaces!

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